What’s Tiffany’s sound? Have a listen!

  • Commercial and Promo


  • In Character

    Animation, Videogames, and Audiobooks

  • Audio Drama

    Dialect, Accent, and Dramatic Characterization

  • Audiobook Excerpt

    from The Paying Guest, a novel by George Gissing

  • Audiobook Excerpt

    from “Esmeralda”, a short story by Frances Hodgson Burnett

  • Children’s Audiobook Excerpt

    From the end of “Spotty the Turtle Wins a Race” (chapter 16 of Old Mother Westwind by Thornton W. Burgess)

  • Say It In Song

    Composite Singing Demo, take one. A few fun (mostly cover) clips to demonstrate a bit of vocal variety.

For further listening, please check out Tiffany’s LibriVox Catalogue page!

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