A Few Fun Updates

It’s been WAY too long since I posted on here! (SO long that the file I use to keep backups of my posts needed to be unlocked before I could write anything.) Yikes. My sincere apologies for the overly-long hiatus! 😐

Life has been a whirlwind lately. But it seems to have been that way for a lot of people these past few months. I’m very thankful for life’s busyness, and all the good things – all the challenging, catalyzing, motivating, stretching and growing things – that come of it. And that being said, I am happy to report that there are LOTS of good things happening in my little corner of the voiceover world. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Currently in-production (and very close to the finish line) is my audiobook version of New York Times bestselling author Angela Hunt’s stirring historical fiction novel Rehoboth. (Check out my Facebook post about this audiobook project here!) Looking forward to announcing its publication very soon!
  2. I am very happy to share that my audiobook production of Pirates and Prejudice was published a few months back, and is now available through Audible.com, Amazon audio, and iTunes! Kara Louise has been an absolutely fantastic author to work with, and I am thrilled to have been the voice to bring this rollickingly fun, adventurous, and wonderfully romantic Pride and Prejudice variation to life in audiobook form.
  3. As far as commercial work goes, I’ve got to say that I’ve been absolutely over the moon about this one. Here’s the 30-second DR commercial – voiced by yours truly 😀 – for Disney and Tech 4 Kids’ awesome Storytime Theater Projector!
  4. And just for kicks, here’s a commercial I voiced for a popular kids’ product back in the summer of 2014. It was a pretty fun project, I must say…and, yes, just a little…well…“Crazy”… 😉 (I got to use my most princessy princess voice for it, too.) Heeeeere’s Crazy Clingz!
  5. And as far as my video game VO work goes, I’ll just say…welcome, all, to Ponyville!! 😀 I recently got to voice my favorite little purple and green dragon for this new My Little Pony app for Hasbro! Check out My Little Pony: Friendship Celebration! It’s fantastic fun for everypony! ;D

And that’s the newest news. I do want to add, however…that some very exciting developments are in the works. Here’s one particularly cool thing. I am elated to announce that my voice has just been chosen for a new original character on a very fun kids’ animated series!! Can’t say who, or which series just yet. But I can definitely say that I am SUPER stoked about it!! 😀 

More news on the way very soon. Thanks for reading, everyone – and, as always, thanks for listening! <3

Preschool Pond and First Words Flashcards now available!


I am very happy to announce that two brand new iPad and iPhone apps narrated and voiced by yours truly have just been released for purchase in the iTunes App Store!!

Preschool Pond and First Words Flashcards are great learning tools for toddler and preschool-age kids, offering visually appealing learning games with Retina graphics, simple formats that allow young children to play and learn independently, and lovable characters that teach early word recognition, letters, numbers, colors, and letter sounds in an entertaining and encouraging way!

If you know a little one who loves to play, explore, and learn, then check out Preschool Pond and First Words Flashcards!

(And if/when you do, I’d love to hear what you think!) 😀

Thanks, everyone! And have an excellent day!